Drive Safe in Fog: Tips for Low Visibility Winter Driving

Reduce Speed, Avoid Overtaking

Go slow, avoid pressing accelerator, and brake gently in dense fog. Don't overtake vehicles. Drive in a controlled manner. 

Keep Distance from Other Vehicles

Maintain safe distance from surrounding vehicles as reduced visibility increases accident risk. Stay alert to gaps between cars.

Use Headlights, Fog Lamps

Switch on headlights and fog lamps for maximum visibility in fog. Use hazard lights if parked roadside to alert drivers. Clean lights regularly.

Use Demisters, Wipers

Keep windshield clear using demisters and wipers to avoid reduced visibility from fog buildup. A clean windshield improves visibility.

Avoid Distractions

Stay focused on driving. Avoid distractions like mobile phone use which need full concentration in foggy conditions.