Tata Nexon Narrowly Escaped Landslide Disaster: Caught on Camera [Watch Video]


  • Tata Nexon SUV swept away in a flash flood during heavy rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  • A passenger narrowly escapes as the vehicle is washed away by the flood.
  • Video footage captures the harrowing incident, emphasizing the importance of caution during extreme weather conditions.

Infrastructure development in the young Himalayan range has been progressing rapidly, but it comes with its fair share of potential risks. One such danger is the occurrence of massive landslides, causing traffic disruptions and endangering vehicles and passengers. Recently, a shocking incident involving a Tata Nexon was caught on camera as it got caught in a landslide.

Watch The Video: Shocking video captured by the passengers

As the video footage reveals, another motorist captured the incident from a safe distance as they witnessed the Tata Nexon attempting to cross the landslide-prone area. The occupants of the vehicle seemed optimistic about making it through before the landslide struck. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side, and the force of the landslide destabilized the Nexon. However, a Mahindra truck behind the Nexon quickly reversed to safety when they saw the landslide approaching.

A Miraculous Escape:
The occupants of the Tata Nexon reacted swiftly, immediately exiting the vehicle and fleeing to safety. Remarkably, the person sitting in the rear seat managed to jump out just in time, avoiding harm. As the rocks and mud engulfed the Nexon, the car slid off the hill into a 100-meter-deep ravine. Fortunately, no one was inside the vehicle at the time, and no injuries were reported.

The Ongoing Risk of Landslides:
This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards associated with infrastructure development in the Himalayan region. Landslides are a common occurrence in these mountains, especially during the monsoon season. The young age of the Himalayan range makes it susceptible to landslides triggered by heavy rainfall.

Tips for Safe Driving in Landslide-Prone Regions:

  1. Remain vigilant: Pay close attention to the road and be aware of potential signs of landslides, especially during monsoon season.
  2. Avoid driving during heavy rainfall: If possible, refrain from traveling in landslide-prone regions during heavy rainfalls.
  3. Drive cautiously at night: Identifying hazards at night can be challenging, so exercise extra caution when driving during these times.
  4. Be cautious of black ice: In cold conditions, black ice can quickly form after sunset, making roads slippery. Reduce speed and drive cautiously.
  5. Stay informed about weather conditions: Flash floods can occur during heavy rainfall, making mountain roads risky. Stay updated to ensure safer driving.

The incident with the Tata Nexon serves as a powerful reminder of the need for caution while driving in the Himalayan region. By staying informed and exercising vigilance, motorists can reduce the risks posed by landslides and ensure safer journeys in these mountainous terrains.

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