Ola S1 Pro Gen1 vs S1 Pro Gen2: Price, Range, Top Speed, and Features Comparison

In a recent move, Ola Electric has revamped its lineup of electric scooters, introducing a new range and making significant updates to their flagship model, the S1 Pro. This scooter now belongs to Ola Electric’s Generation 2 platform, which will also be shared with other scooters in their lineup. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the Generation 1 and Generation 2 S1 Pro electric scooters.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2 Price:

The price of the Ola S1 Pro Gen1 stands at ₹1.40 lakh, while the Gen2 variant comes at ₹1.48 lakh.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2: Hardware Modifications

The Gen2 S1 Pro has transitioned to a dual-sided swingarm from the earlier single-sided one on the Gen1. Furthermore, the mono-shock on the Gen1 S1 Pro has been replaced with conventional telescopic forks. The touchscreen’s resolution has decreased from 1280 x 768 to 800 x 480.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2: Electric Powertrain

The Gen2 S1 Pro houses a fresh electric motor with the capacity to generate peak power of 11 kW or 14.7 bhp, an upgrade from the previous motor’s peak of 5 kW or 6.7 bhp.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2: Enhanced Speed and Acceleration

The maximum speed of the S1 Pro Gen2 has risen from 116 kmph to 120 kmph. Acceleration from 0-40 kmph has improved from 2.9 seconds to 2.6 seconds, while 0-60 kmph acceleration now takes 4.3 seconds, down from 4.5 seconds.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2: Battery Capacity and Range

Despite retaining a 4 kWh battery capacity, the Gen2 S1 Pro offers an extended riding range of 195 km, up from 181 km, thanks to software and BMS enhancements. The home charging duration remains at 6.5 hours.

Ola S1 Pro vs S1 Pro Gen2: Dimensions and Storage

The Gen2 model is lighter at 116 kg compared to the Gen1’s 121 kg. Boot space has reduced by 2 litres, now measuring 34 litres. The scooter is 2 mm longer at 1,861 mm, 137 mm wider at 850 mm, and taller at 1,288 mm, an increase from 1,169 mm. The seat height has seen a 5 mm increase to 805 mm, while ground clearance has decreased to 160 mm from 165 mm.

What is the pricing difference between Ola S1 Pro Gen1 and Gen2?

The Gen2 variant is priced slightly higher at ₹1.48 lakh, while the Gen1 version costs ₹1.40 lakh.

How does the electric motor of S1 Pro Gen2 compare to Gen1?

The Gen2 S1 Pro features an improved electric motor with a peak power output of 11 kW or 14.7 bhp, in contrast to Gen1’s 5 kW or 6.7 bhp.

What changes have been made to the riding range of Gen2 S1 Pro?

The Gen2 S1 Pro offers an extended riding range of 195 km, thanks to software and BMS enhancements, compared to Gen1’s 181 km.

What design modifications are seen in the Gen2 version?

The Gen2 S1 Pro showcases changes such as a dual-sided swingarm, telescopic forks, adjusted dimensions, and altered storage space.

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