Mahindra Thar EV : Mahindra to unveil all-electric concept of the Thar on August 15th in South Africa

Mahindra is all set to create excitement among automobile enthusiasts with the reveal of its all-electric Thar concept on August 15th in South Africa. The Thar Electric concept, featuring a quad motor setup and four-wheel drive capabilities, is expected to retain the rugged ladder-on-frame chassis. While production details remain undisclosed, Mahindra’s commitment to testing ensures a reliable electric off-roader in the future. Additionally, the visual teaser of the Global Pik Up Vision based on the Scorpio-N adds further anticipation to the event.

Mahindra Thar EV to Make its Debut

Reports indicate that Mahindra is gearing up to surprise automobile enthusiasts with the unveiling of an all-electric concept for its beloved Thar off-roader. The new Mahindra Thar Electric concept will take center stage at a public event on August 15th in South Africa. This exciting concept follows the earlier debut of the Scorpio-N SUV-based double-cab pickup concept.

Thar Ev
Thar Ev

What to Expect from Thar EV Concept ?

Contrary to speculations, the company confirmed that the five-door Thar will not be unveiled this time. Instead, the focus will be on the electric concept of the Thar, which is likely to boast a standard four-wheel drive setup. Expectations suggest that the robust ladder-on-frame chassis and the three-door layout of the Mahindra Thar will be maintained for this electric concept.

Potential Electric Powertrain

The Mahindra Thar Electric concept may feature a quad motor setup, with each wheel getting its own motor. This setup would allow for unique features, including the crab-walk ability, similar to the Hummer EV. While specific powertrain details are yet to be disclosed, last year, Mahindra showcased five different born-electric concepts, none of which had a ladder-on-frame construction.

Thar Ev
Thar Ev

Challenges of Ladder-on-Frame SUVs and the EV Solution

The Mahindra Thar’s ruggedness can be attributed to its sturdy ladder-on-frame chassis, making it heavier than compact SUVs with monocoque frames. In the past, battery packaging and placement posed challenges for ladder-on-frame SUVs, but this has been overcome by ladder-on-frame four-wheel drive EVs, like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Mahindra’s EV Portfolio

Currently, the XUV400 stands as Mahindra’s only electric vehicle in its lineup. The XUV400 features a single motor setup, generating 147.5 bhp of power and 310 Nm of torque, along with a 39.4 kWh battery pack providing a claimed maximum driving range of 456 km.

Production and Testing Timeline

While the Thar Electric concept is still far from production, Mahindra is known for extensive testing of its vehicles before they hit the market. The production timeline for the Thar Electric has not been revealed yet, but more details are expected during the concept’s unveiling on August 15th.

Scorpio-N Pickup Concept will also be Revealed

Alongside the Thar Electric, Mahindra will also unveil the visual teaser of the Global Pik Up Vision, a concept pickup vehicle based on the Mahindra Scorpio-N. This new vehicle, codenamed Z121, shares its platform with the Scorpio-N, offering a unique addition to the lineup.

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